Company History

Yangheon Machinery Co., Ltd. is striving to be a global hidden champion in the industry of automation components and parts.

We, Yangheon Machinery have produced the best quality products by our whole quality management system and continuous research and development, which has met customer's satisfaction. We're also stepping up to make the world's top-class manufacturer in the Index Drive industry by consistently improving performance and quality product development.

1989.04 Established YANGHEON MACHINERY CO.
1990.01 Developed and Manufactured the BARREL (Cylindrical Cam) index drive
1991.05 Developed and Manufactured the Parallel Index Drive
1991.07 Appointed as the official manufacturer for localizing index drive announced by Korean Government
1991.12 Licensed registration of designs for index drive by Korean Government
1992.10 Completed localization of index drive announced by the Ministry of Trade and Industry
1993.03 Developed and Manufactured the (Globoidal Cam) index drive
1993.09 Appointed as an official manufacturer for localizing P&P UNIT by Korean Government
Succeeded localizing Capsule Forming Mold (supply for large domestic drug companies)
1993.12 Developed and Manufactured the P&P Unit
1994.06 Developed and Manufactured the ATC for CNC machines
1994.12 Developed and Manufactured the Oscillating Index Drive
1995.04 Developed the integrated reducer for ROLLER GEAR(Globoidal Cam) index drive
Developed ATC INDEX UNIT for CNC
1995.11 Received honor of Excellent Manufacture Company from Korean government
Got selected as an excellent technology company by Korean Technology Finance Corporation
1995.12 Received honor of prospective company from Korea Commercial Bank
1996.11 Completed the development of ATC TURRET for CNC Lathe requested by Kia Heavy Industrial Company
1997.08 Expanded production facilities including the specialized machine for CAM machining only
1997.09 Developed the Cam Machining Program to use exclusively
1997 .11 Developed large sized INDEX DRIVE, including CF/CT/CR with Axial distance of 200,435mm
2000.03 Honored the Golden Taxpayer Award by the Director of IRS
2001.06 Be Certified ISO 9002 : 1994
2003.05 Be Certified ISO 9001:2000
2004.03 Developed large sized BARREL (Cylindrical Cam) TYPE INDEX DRIVE with Axial distance of 350mm(700BVR)
2004.11 Developed CA TYPE(Hollow type) INDEX DRIVE with Axial distance of 70, 90, 110, 150, 230, 330, 440mm
2005.02 Developed large sized CHD [BARREL (Cylindrical Cam) TYPE] INDEX DRIVE with Axial distance of 362mm
Developed high speed roller gear (Globoidal Cam) cam type P&P
2005.03 Honored the Golden Taxpayer Award by the Superintendent of Tax Office of Kangdong District
2005.05 Certified a Clean Work Place by Korea Occupational Safety and Health Agency
2005.06 Completed constructing the new factory
2005.12 Delivered a customized products - large sized BARREL TYPE INDEX DRIVE & ROLLER GEAR (Globoidal Cam) INDEX DRIVE to install production line of CCFL for LCD
Established a R&D center affiliated to Yangheon Machinery Co., Ltd.
2006.01 Incorporated Yangheon Machinery Co., Ltd.
2006.02 Registered company as a venture business
2007.03 Developed and manufactured the torque limiter (YT302, YT303, YT304, Hollow Type : 110CAT)
2007.09 Installed more polishing machine for roller gear cam
2008.04 Certified R(Reliability)-Mark from Korean Agency for Technology and Standards
2008.05 Developed and manufactured CAD type index drive (Hollow and Double Flange output Type, Size : 330mm)
2009.04 Increased Machines for INDEX BOX processing only
2009.09 Complex type index (FNH,FHH), torque limiter
(Hollow type: 070CAT,090CAT,150CAT,190CAT,230CAT)
2010.02 Developed SERVOCAMDRIVE (RC080)
2010.05 Increased Machines for CAM processing only
2010.10 SERVOCAMDRIVEDⓇ Developed all types of RC (RC40,RC63,RC80,RC100,RC125)
2011.02 Applied for the Brand SERVOCAMDRIVEDⓇ
2011.10 Delivered customized TILTING INDEX for a machine tool customers
2012.03 Completed development of 315SN
2012.04 Completed development of RB1000
2013.06 The second factory enlarged (Box, Turret and Cam processing lines)
2013.12 Completed development of RD series products
2014.11 Completed development of cycloid cam reducers ( RA series products)
2015.02 Head office and sales office moved and enlarged Roller Cam processing lines extended
2016.09 Completed development of large heavy-duty hollow type reducers (RH series, RH245, RH290, RH410, RH450