HANDEX: Precision Indexing Solution with Outstanding Performance
SERVOCAMDRIVE: Real Zero-Backlash Reducer with High-Precision Positioning
Yangheon ATC Series is a well-performing tool exchanger with accuracy and reliability at higher speed to improve your productivity and tool carrying capacity.
Our CAT Torque Limiter is designed to function right and efficiently in order to protect and save Index Drive and the equipment by releasing overloaded torque from the output.



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We have been striving to contribute to the factory automation and robot industries worldwide by providing quality products such as motion and position controlling solutions with high accuracy and reliability. We have devoted ourselves to developing cutting-edge technologies and products over 30 years, and high precision roller gear index drives, a zero-backlash reducer and NC rotary tables are the proven products we have proudly offered. Those high quality products with reliability and accuracy will serve efficiently our customers so that their business would be developed and expanded further.

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