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SERVOCAMDRIVEⓇ mechanism has been developed by committed endeavor of technical study. SERVOCAMDRIVEⓇ is a positioning reducer with zero-backlash and this mechanism consists of a screw shaped input shaft and Cam-follower bearings which works as an output reducer.
The backlash can be completely eliminated by the preloaded mechanism by which cam-follower bearings come into contacts with the surface of a wedge shaped input rib. The preloaded mechanism can be controlled input shaft gear adjustment. With zero-backlash SERVOCAMDRIVEⓇ guarantees high accuracy and outstanding rigidity.
Adopted the needle bearing type of cam-follower bearing to convey the power by rolling contact (not by sliding contact) at the preloaded condition without backlash, SERVOCAMDRIVEⓇmechanism realizes more than 90% of efficiency and durability against abrasion during its life span use.
All SERVOCAMDRIVEⓇ products are manufactured by using high-tech exclusive machine tools and equipment.
1. With zero-backlash structure, it enhances accuracy, torque and rigidity.
2. Rolling contact of cam-follower bearing with cam rib causes no abrasion and no effect in precision.
3. SERVOCAMDRIVEⓇ structure is strong against impact.
4. When used with NC Rotary Table, it can be applied for continuous heavy cutting of metal, and yields best performance for precise processing of complicated parts and components.
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