Pick and Place Index Drives


CHT Series

CHT series products consist of large diameter roller gear cam and groove cam. When the input shaft rotates, its output shaft produces both rotating and conducting vertical or horizontal motion simultaneously. This unit is easily and simply applicable to 'pick & place' motion as a parts handler that allows it to combine with more diversity of time table, rotating degree and transferring distance than other roller gear index drives.
1. Various sizes
Wide range of Axial distance (shaft-to-shaft) from 80~140mm.
2. Diversified output motion and number of stops
Multiple works applicable such as 2~6 stops, stroke of 5~ 50mm, oscillating degree of 30°~180°
3. Applications
Applicable to various kinds of universal automated machinery, and enables simple designing for complex equipment.
Product Models and Sizes
080 | 110 | 140 | 200
Motion control and Applications

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